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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hottest Women in the World: Plus-Sized Edition

Ribs. Unless they’re slathered with tangy barbecue sauce and served next to some garlic-mashed potatoes, I don’t wanna see ‘em. It makes me sad to hear that women compare themselves to runway models and the scrawny celebs they see in magazines and feel fat. They’ll practically starve themselves skinny, forgetting one very important thing: most men don’t like skinny! We’re not saying that women should replace their salads with KFC skins and stop exercising. We respect healthy. But we also love curves, hips, something we can grab onto and never let go! Seriously ladies, while flipping through the channels and I came across a runway fashion show, felt like I was watching a Tim Burton film: bunch of hollow-eyed, brittle-boned skeletons fluttering across the runway, amazing everyone as their spindly frames withstand the flashing cameras, wearing outfits taken straight out of our darkest nightmares.

Plus-size women have larger bust-waist-hip measurements than the skinnies, fitting into clothes sized 14 and up. So for all the men out there who love a little meat on them bones, and for all the ladies who think size 0 is the new 1, may we present 15 of the hottest plus-sized girls on the planet.

Mia Tyler

Daughter to Aerosmith’s lead man Steven Tyler and actress Cyndria Foxe, Mia is not only a sexy plus-size model, but she’s also clothing designer, actress and producer. She’s appeared on reality TV shows, has been featured in many magazines, and recently completed her autobiography, Creating Myself. Love the tats!

Kate Dillon

At age 12, Kate Dillon’s classmates used to jump up and down on the bus chanting “Overweight Kate! Overweight Kate!” She responded by starving herself over the next 5 years, and only when she was dangerously underweight did she get noticed by the fashion industry. Realizing she was ruining her health, Kate started eating again.

Toccara Jones

I don’t often use the words “Dayamn girl!” but in Toccara’s case, DAYAMN GIRL! This fashion model from Ohio came in 7th place during season 3 of America’s Next top model, where AOL entertainment voted her as one of the show’s most memorable contestants. For more Jones junk check out her tribute video.

Charlotte Coyle

Oh Charlotte Coyle, the pipes, the pipes are growing. Hailing from Derry in Northern Ireland, this bodacious beauty was featured in a documentary called Fat Beauty Contest, where she put together Britain’s first beauty contest for plus-size women.

Maggie Brown

More than just a pretty face and a curvalicious body, the Asian-American fashion model who grew up in Hawaii earned a degree in biology no less, allied health, and holds a secondary teaching certificate from Southern Adventist University. In 2006 Tyra Banks held a “Thick and Sexy Top Model Contest” during the Tyra Banks Show, and Maggie took first place.

Whitney Thompson

Before winning the 10th cycle of America’s Next Top Model, Whitney appeared on the cover of Jacksonville Magazine 4 times in 3 years. She was also on the cover of Plus Model Magazine in January to kick off 2010.

Barbera Brickner

During a singing contest in Seattle, this size 12 bombshell was approached by one of the judges to be a plus-sized model, to which she flatly refused and left completely offended. Thankfully for men everywhere, she calmed down and accepted the offer a few weeks later.

Fluvia Lacerda

After eating at a Brazilian Barbecue restaurant, I was amazed that anyone down there weighs less than a ton. So much meat, so delicious. The same can be said for plus sized model Fluvia, which is pretty incredible when you consider the fact that Brazil is the number one country in the world for plastic surgery. Fortunately she grew up with enough self-esteem to stay natural!

Justine Legault

From Canada with love comes this French femme fatale. Perfect skin, alluring curves, luscious legs and a beautiful face makes Justine a quadruple threat.

Crystal Renn

Stifler’s mom…err…I mean Jennifer Coolidge

And what plus-sized list would be complete without the world’s greatest MILF?

America Ferrera

In 2007 Time Magazine named her as one of the top artists and entertainers of her time. That same year she beat out Marcia Cross, Felicity Huffman, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Mary-Louise Parker for the Golden Globe Award for best actress on a television series. Not bad for someone who was picked as the lead role in a show called “Ugly Betty.”

Sara Ramirez

You probably know this spicy senorita best by her role as Callie Torez on Grey’s Anatomy. The multi-talented Mexian-American actress and singer has appeared on Broadway, where she won a Tony Award for Spamalot, she was the voice of Lammy in the PlayStation game UmJammer Lammy, and she’s played smaller roles on several television shows and movies.

Christina Hendricks

When I crammed 3 seasons of Mad Men into my bloodstream over the course of 2 weeks, not only could I not peel my eyes away from the TV every single second Christina Hendricks was on screen, but even when I would close my eyes, her red hair and crazy curves were burned into my brain.

Lizzie Miller

When the photo of this 20-year old model, the one where she was in her birthday suit in Glamour Magazine, with a non-airbrushed or photoshopped tummy roll exposed to the world, the magazine’s website was flooded with emails and comments, all bearing the same message: She’s beautiful!