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Friday, March 12, 2010

GT5 “Nights” trailer hits the Web

By Drew Johnson

The Gran Turismo series is arguably the greatest driving simulator to ever grace the home gaming platform, but fans of the racing franchise have been left high and dry as Sony and Polyphony continually delay the launch of GT5.

Fans were promised the fifth iteration of the Gran Turismo series several times during 2009, including what appeared to be a very believable December launch — just in time for the Christmas holiday. However, none of those launch dates came to fruition, leaving driving fans to search out other racing titles.

While we still don’t have GT5 in our hands yet, it appears we are finally getting close. A new trailer for Gran Turismo 5 has hit the Web, highlighting what looks to be a nearly complete game. Unlike past GT games, the fifth installment will include visual damage as well as NASCAR racing. Here’s to hoping GT5 hits the market sometime before we have to upgrade to PS4.