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Friday, March 12, 2010

Bridges Vs. Clooney: What Really Happened (GIFs)

Both George Clooney and Jeff Bridges acted like the Best Actor Oscar they were battling for last Sunday wasn’t a big deal. Bridges tried to appear stoic, but ended up looking smug. So undude. Meanwhile, Clooney acted like he was just there to drink and party. That strategy backfired. By night’s end he resembled a bitter, shitfaced ex-girlfriend. For once, that’s not a good look for you, George. Here’s an out-of-context parody of the night visual evidence that the award was indeed a ginormous effin’ deal for both actors (GIFs via a great Oscars wrap-up at FourFour).


Bridges struggles to act humble…


Clooney does the “whateva” eye roll/clap…


Bridges REALLY struggles to act humble not laugh maniacally…


Clooney: “Well, get your ass up there, Jeff.”


Bridges: “Far out! Eat that you wannabe Cary Grant!”


Clooney: “Yep. I just lost to the fucking Dude.”