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Monday, January 4, 2010

Subaru WRX Pulls Semi-truck Out of Snow with Ease (Video)

Subaru WRX Pulls Semi-truck Out of Snow with Ease


Subaru's are good cars in a lot of ways. They can be raced at high speeds and have had some success. On a personal use level, they are affordable and quality automobiles. And this crazy guy can probably imitate the sounds they make. None of that really fully allows us to appreciate what they can do. This clip will help in that department.

This video takes place somewhere in Europe. The Subaru Legacy is hooked to the stalled semi, which by the way is monstrously large in terms of how difficult it would be to tow. Not only that, but it is completely stuck in the snow. Now the first thing I would think of is to get a tow truck, maybe even a pick-up truck with some 4x4 action. Its a good thing I wasn't there to waste everyone's time. The driver of this Subaru WRX STI took care of the problem quickly. Not only does this little car have power, but it had great traction as well to be able to drag all that weight and get moving when it was sitting on the slippery snow as well.

A Subaru isn't exactly the first car I would think of buying or driving when it came to racing or especially towing. Hard to argue with the evidence though, and this crazy tow job proves the high quality of the vehicle. On a side note, it's also nice to see people helping each other out instead of flipping each other off.

Hat Tip Video - [Jalopnik]