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Thursday, December 10, 2009

'Tron Legacy' poster spot on

By Ace Fernandez

"The game has changed."

No kidding.

Behold the poster for "Tron Legacy," one of Disney's most anticipated 2010 releases:


My gut says: I like it. It focuses on the light cycles, which every kid who devoured the original film (such as yours truly) watched over and over and dreamed of somehow playing in real life. This poster -- as with the recent teaser trailer -- makes you feel like that may be possible. And the motion and velocity built into the image -- coming right at us! -- emphasizes the film's 3D bona fides and video-game slickness.

If this film is on your radar, then this poster does the trick in ramping up your eagerness to see the souped-up 2.0 version.

And the tagline -- THE GAME HAS CHANGED -- is simple, effective, evocative. Bam.