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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wireworld's Platinum Starlight HDMI cable is only $1,000, better than your HDMI cable

You idiot. Where did you buy those cables? Walmart? You probably think you're getting the whole 1080p, don't you! Boy, you couldn't be more wrong. What the big box doesn't want you to know, with their cheap-ass $150 cables is that there are, um, waves and some, uh... electromagnetic spectrats. And they eat your pixels! Yeah, that's right! Pixel-eating EM spectrats! Not even making this stuff up. How much did you spend on that TV? $1,000? You did buy that $1,800 power cable from Furutech, right? Well, don't you think you should spend at least that much on the all-important cables that are going to funnel the dynamic 1080p transmissions from your Blu-ray player to your TV? Here, try this Platinum Starlight HDMI cable from Wireworld. It has a patent-pending DNA Helix conductor design formed by the gods themselves out of 24 solid silver conductors. Hell, $1,000 is probably a bargain for one of these one meter cables. Your eyes are worth it, after all. You're welcome.