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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Garage Gets Decorated With 'Guitar Hero' Made From Christmas Lights

A few years ago, this guy dazzled us (and nearly sent us into a seizure) with his musically-synced Christmas wonderland. For '09 Ric Turner, a former "imagineer" for Disney and special affects aficionado, raised the Christmas ante to another level. He transformed his entire house into one big game of 'Guitar Hero.'

As The Huffington Post reports, Turner needed just 21,268 lights and LEDs to create his masterpiece -- a fully functional display synchronized to Guitar Hero controllers. As you can see in the video (after the jump), the display only works for the song "Cliffs of Dover" by Eric Johnson. But we're sold. We want this guy to be our new dad. In an article on Make, Turner explains how he pulled this Christmas miracle off, and says that, even though the game is set on "Easy," it's pretty difficult -- even for the Slashes and Hendrixes of the 'Guitar Hero' elite. That's because if you want a high score, you've gotta play while looking only at the lights, not at the video screen in the driveway which displays the actual game. And, for the sake of the neighbors and their eardrums, you can even stream your performance via a low power radio station for all to hear.

Turner says he still wants to tweak the game a bit, particularly the "initial show/game sync," but given his impressive holiday display pedigree, we don't doubt he'll be able to come up with something (Check out his YouTube compendium for more of his festive creations.). [From: Make]