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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Maine says 'NO to Same Sex Marriage - YES TO POT!'

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It looks like the folks up in Maine want to be able to sit back, roll up a big doobie and smoke while they tell the homosexuals "You can't get married, nah nah nah na na na."

According to the Bangor Daily News Election Results page, 87% of the precincts have reported in and the current vote is at 52.75% of Mainers saying that they don't want to allow same-sex marriage compared to 47.25% who do want to support it. A difference of only 5.5% not a landslide, not a major victory but a very narrow margin.

The count is 266,324 voting YES to rescind the law and 238,595 a difference of only 27,729 votes, and there are still 65 precincts with almost 100,000 registered voters who haven't weighed in yet. But it looks as though "results are official."

What Maine was able to pass though was the Maine Medical Marijuana Act, Question 5, by an almost 60% favorable vote. Maine already had Medical Marijuana laws on the books thanks to a 1999 initiative that passed with a 61% vote, in 2002 it was amended by a State Bill that doubled the legal amount of pot that one could possess. Now they've passed a law similar to California's where dispensaries can be created to distribute marijuana.

So I guess the folks up in Maine like taking away people's rights to get married - but damn if they tell them they can't smoke pot!