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Friday, October 23, 2009

Halloween Hoodies -- Hoodies As Costumes

We know you're thinking: What the heck is a Halloween Hoodie? It's simple, it's a hoodie that can double as a costume. There are those of us who don't want to dress up like Brüno or Michael Jackson, yet want engage in all the debauchery, candy-consumption and juvenile mischief that make Halloween, Halloween when you're a young adult.

Since you wouldn't be caught dead dressed as SpongeBob Squarepants we've got the hoodies-cum-costumes that will allow you to move seamlessly and sneakily through the dead of night on October 31.

LRG "Dead Serious" Full Zip Hoodie

It's funny how Kanye went from rocking something like this at Paris Fashion Week in 2006 to dressing like this. Enough about 'Ye though, let's give props to LRG and the hoodie that made full zips all the rage. Way cooler than the conventional skeleton suit, this hoodie is perfect for nighttime maneuvers like trick-or-treating and even a little vandalism. Watch L.A. rapper Evidence put it to good use.

Star Wars Darth Maul Hoodie By Marc Ecko

Remember when you saw "Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace" and were really intrigued and excited about that insidious Darth Maul character? Yeah, us neither. But since true Star Wars fans have Darth Vader's likeness on lock, you can settle for Lucas's second attempt at creating an iconic Sith lord while pillaging for candy. It's better than dressing up as Jar-Jar Binks.

Panda Full Zip Hoodie by A Bathing Ape

With the A Bathing Ape Panda Full Zip hoodie, you've got options. On the one hand, you can say you're masquerading as Lun Lun of the Atlanta Zoo. On the other, you could be the "Sexual Harassment Panda," who seeks to inform kids about the perils of sexual harassment from strangers dressed in costumes that may or may not being offering them candy. Think of it as your civic duty.

Lot 29 Batman Full Zip Hoodie

Why wear a Batman costume when you can wear Batman? Lot 29's DC Comics license flipped the concept of dressing like the Caped Crusader by allowing you to inhabit his costume, cowl, cape and even his skin. Which, if you think about it, is just as nutty as a suave billionaire dressed like a bat who spends his nights stalking the rooftops of his city searching for the criminally insane. Plus, you can tell people that you're dressed as Adam West's Batman and not the emo Christian Bale version.

Captain America Costume Hoodie

Batman not your thing? More of a Marvel man? You need to represent Steve Rogers style like our man here. July 4 ain't the only day you can look cool wearing Old Glory. [Via Walyou]

LRG Werewolf Hoodie

There's some Serpentor influence going on here, but with LRG's 2008 Werewolf Hoodie, you'll be able to huff and puff and blow your way to some sweet treats. Just try to avoid catching a silver bullet. Unless it's one of these.

Volcom Yae Slim Zip Hydro Hoodie

See that face? It's the same one you'll be making when you see yourself in the mirror wearing this Volcom full zip.

Apocylocto Hoodie (custom)

The Hentai porn of urban apparel, the custom Apocylcoto hoodie mirrors much of Halloween's practices as it is as arbitrary as it is downright weird. But rest assured that you'll definitely get some looks and comments as you walk down the street with a skull-faced octopus that's brandishing weapons resting on your head.

"Halo" Master Chief Costume Zip-up Hooded Sweatshirt Hoodie

If you're going to rock this, refrain from carrying any type of toy gun. Yes, Master Chief packs a variety of heat, but the last thing you need is to spend the weekend in the pokey because you were running through the park hopped up on snack-size Three Musketeers bars battling the Covenant.

Black Rhino Jason Hoodie by Marc Ecko and LRG "Friday the 47th" Hoodie

Hey Ecko, we're happy for you and we're gonna to let you finish, but LRG's "Friday the 47th" hoodie was the best "Friday the 13th" hoodie of ALL TIME. No, seriously it was. If anything Lifted Research Group takes the golden chainsaw simply for the fact that it married Jason's iconography with its brand imagery and didn't drop any coin on licensing. Unless you're going out this Halloween dressed as someone dressed in the LRG original, you're going to want to skip this one.