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Friday, July 10, 2009

Is nudity on TV acceptable at lunchtime?

by TV Editor

Channel 4 series Life Class

Viewers have complained about a new Channel 4 programme that features full frontal nudity at 12.30pm.

Life Class: Today's Nude features different male and female models each day and encourages budding artists to sketch along at home as a tutor explains drawing and painting techniques.

TV regulator Ofcom has received complaints from viewers who have claimed it is adult viewing and not suitable to be shown at lunchtime.

Alan Kane, the artist behind the programme, has defended it, saying: "Because it is educational and non-sexualised nudity, Channel 4 didn't have any concerns with it at all."

So, is the show really about educating viewers about the finer points of art or simply a ploy to increase ratings over lunchtime?

It certainly wouldn't be the first time that Channel 4 has courted controversy with its programming. Previous shows including a live autopsy, Derren Brown's Russian Roulette stunt and a film about the assassination of George W Bush have all hit the headlines. However, all of these shows came after the watershed.

Have we really moved on so much in our attitudes to nudity on screen that this type of show is now perfectly acceptable to go out during the day?

And more importantly, given the choice of Jane McDonald waxing lyrical about her hormones on ITV's Loose Women or tasteful shots of a male or female nude model on Channel 4 - which would you choose?

Let us know your thoughts on this one...