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Friday, July 10, 2009

Mercedes AMG SLS Gullwing Teasers Show Off Simple, Sexy Interior

Development is wrapping up on the Mercedes AMG SLS Gullwing, the all-new, 571 HP gull-winged velvet hammer from Stuttgart. A sneak peek of the beast inside.

Replacing the Mercedes AMG SLR as the top shelf offering from Mercedes, the SLS Gullwing is taking a page out of company history and aping the gull wing doors from the legendary 1954 Mercedes 300SL, but it's not looking back for much else. The interior takes inspiration from modern luxury jets, pretty much everything not covered in leather is raw carbon fiber or aluminum. We're really digging the row of buttons and knobs on the center console, though the 8000 RPM redline and 330 KPH (205 MPH) top speed marked out on the dials are pretty exciting too. The 571 HP V8 will mate to a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission with the option to row your own at the shifter or through the steering wheel paddles. The knob on the center console looks to be a suspension and tune control with four different setting. We can also see the doors will get a power close feature as their outfitted with a pair of linear actuators. Not too shabby a working environment if you ask us.

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