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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sawyer's Favorite Nicknames From "Lost"

Our favorite names James Ford has called his fellow Lost characters.

May 19, 2009 - Well, another season of Lost has come and gone. Season 5's finale may just have set a new record for frustration levels and "I can't believe I have to wait 9 months to see what happens next!" Syndrome. But like it or not, that's all she wrote until 2010. That doesn't mean we're just going to shove Lost out of our brains for the remainder of the year. We're still as obsessed as ever, and we're already digging through our DVDs and hunting for new clues.

As we're re-watching seasons past, we're reminded of one simple truth. Sawyer is a funny guy. His particular brand of Southern-fried humor has led to one memorable nickname after another for his fellow castaways, usually to their deep chagrin. So now we're honoring Sawyer and his quips in a new Line-O-Rama feature. These ten quotes, listed in chronological order, are our top favorite Sawyer-isms from all five seasons.

And make sure you let us know your personal favorites by posting in the comments section. As with past Line-O-Ramas, our favorite reader picks may be gathered for a Readers' Choice follow-up feature.

Fostering International Trade

Line: "I traded Mr. Miyagi the last of my water for a fish he caught."
Episode: White Rabbit (Season 1)

Jin is a beloved member of the Lost cast now, but back in season 1 viewers knew very little about this mysterious man from Korea. He didn't speak a word of English. He preferred to yell at his wife in Korean and occasionally tackle random people and start punching them. Also, he spent a lot of time fishing.

To Sawyer, Jin was just a vague Asian man with useful skills. Hence, the comparison to the eccentric martial arts teacher of yore. It's funny to to think how far these two have come in their friendship since then.

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