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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Autistic girl connects with animals

A True Inspiration

What really inspired me to rant about this was a video I saw about a young girl who has autism and she actually connects to animals. This video was truly inspiring to watch.

In the video the girl explains how her love for animals and bonding with them makes her forget about her disorder. The girl tells you how she never tells people she has autism simply for the fact of getting made fun of and people thinking right away she has a very low IQ.

What I admired about this girl was her positive outlook on life that we all have our own talent no matter if we have autism or not. The girl tells you that you may reach your goals and talent in life if you stick by your dreams, which is so true I believe. We all have certain goals in life, but if you give up on them how do you expect to achieve them? The girl actually connects better with animals than humans, which sometimes I really don't blame her thinking that way.

People can really hurt us in so many ways, where with animals they just show us love and give us respect.

This is definitely a story worth looking at.