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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Guy Builds Electric Motorcycle From Junk

Tony Parker Has Built An Electric Bike Made From Junk. He Also Made A Solar And Wind-Powered Charging Station For The Bike.

Tony Parker has built an electric motorbike completely from found junk.

Why? The laid-off worker found himself with a lot of time and just began tinkering around the house.

“Honda parts, washing machine parts, Yamaha parts,” Parker noted about occupying his time.

I’d probably just be eating Frittos and watching reruns of the A-team. Each to his own, I guess.

Of course, his friends and family though he was nuts to try it. But the Omaha-based DIYer not only built an electric bike, he also built a charging station for the bike.

The charging station consists of both solar and a small windmill. The wind generator can charge the bike at 250 watts per hour. Whereas the solar cell will only do 1.5 watts an hour.

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A lot of time and innovation was put into reusing materials. Like the bike seat was originally made from an old office chair! But what kept him going?

“If you can do this and keep yourself going, you can finish this thing and use it as at teaching tool to inspire other people,” Parker said.

The bike is powered by a 2.5KW 48V motor and gets up to 50 mph. He calls the bike the Electra Green and you can find more info on it here.

Source: Unconsumption