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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Timelapse of the Canary Islands... Beautiful! (VIDEO)

CANARIAS TIMELAPSE from luis garcia de armas on Vimeo.

Advance of documentary CANARIAS TIMELAPSE, produced by Kroma Canarias & LASAL.

It shows the 7 Canary Islands from the point of view of the time, with slow and fast motion , throughout an entire year.
Completely shotted in High Definition and 35 mm DSLR cameras, using timelapse and overcranking modes.

Dirección/ Director: Luis García de Armas
Producción/producer: Antonio de Nascimento
Música/music: Antonio Hernández
Cámara/cameraman: Humberto Mesa

estrenado/released en:
S/C DE TENERIFE: Día 22 de Abril en los multicines Renoir-Price
LAS PALMAS DE G/C: Día 23 de Abril en los multicines Monopol