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Monday, January 12, 2009

Badass Trailer for Neo-Noir Sci-Fi Franklyn

Source: IGN

by Alex Billington

Franklyn Trailer

Reality hasn't got a prayer. Franklyn is an awesome indie neo-noir sci-fi film that we've been following for more than a year. We first debuted a very bootlegged trailer for it last October that has since been removed, but IGN has finally delivered the first official trailer today and it truly kicks some serious ass. This could be one of those incredible sci-fi films that unfortunately goes unnoticed and becomes a cult classic that every film geek loves. While I do still hope that it becomes a hit, I've got a feeling it's probably going to stay off the radar. All I know is that this looks like the next phenomenal V for Vendetta. Thoughts?

Watch the badass trailer for Franklyn:

Preest is a masked vigilante detective, searching for his nemesis on the streets of Meanwhile City, a monolithic fantasy metropolis ruthlessly governed by faith and religious fervor. Esser is a broken man, searching for his wayward son amongst the rough streets of London's homeless. Milo is a heartbroken thirty-something desperately trying to find a way back to the purity of first love. Emilia is a beautiful art student; her suicidal art projects are becoming increasingly more complex and deadly.

Franklyn is both written and directed by Gerald McMorrow, who is making his directorial debut after writing and directing a sci-fi short in 2002 called Thespian X. The film already premiered at the London Film Festival last year, but doesn't have a US distributor yet. Hopefully it will find one soon, because it's already due out in theaters in England next month. Stay tuned for more on Franklyn in 2009!