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Monday, December 29, 2008

The Nintendo Sixtyfree Lite-R

Vaccum formed from 2mm sheet polystyrene.
Features include: Dual 3D sticks, D-Pad, L button, headphone socket and expansion pack!

The build.

The N64 was trimmed down to approximately half of its original size.
The cartridge slot is soldered directly to pins of the RCP.

Then the Psone LCD controller was cut to the same size as the LCD

A bit of rewiring and...

All crammed in

Heatsinks attached!!

The screens controls are integral of the D-Pad. While the start button is held down, Up/down control the volume and left/right control the brightness. Release the start button and it reverts back to controlling the n64.

Analogue C buttons

I originally made the C buttons analogue by using an LED bargraph circuit to inject square waves of different frequencies into the digital inputs. The frequency would increase as you pushed the potentiometer which would achieve the same result as rapidly tapping the button.

But, I left this out of the final design because I wasn't happy with the result. The side straf in Goldeneye moves at a different rate to the 'look up/down' function and this made the stick feel somewhat inaccurate. If I have time, I may make a guide for anyone who wishes to attempt it.

So the C stick is digital and registers a button press about halfway in each direction.

There are no internal batteries! Absolutely no room. But it plays fine with an infolithium clipped to the back or any 7.2v supply.

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