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Monday, December 29, 2008

11 More Drunk Photos You Don't Want To Be In

contributed by rtcrooks

You go out, you have a good time. You lose track of time, money, your camera, then your balance. You wake up in black hole, wondering what happened and hoping no one remembers. They may not, but luckily someone had the wherewithal to digitally document the evening in image form, both the glory and the shame captured, uploaded and spread around the internet.

The Time Capsule

source: djpop56

This specimen is found in a compromising position, perfectly preserved in his original state from the night before. Wonder what he was thinking just before he passed out? Look no further than the Anal Invasion VHS sticking out of the VCR.

The Friend O' the Promoter

source: hotchickswithdouchebags

At the time, he seemed cool enough, with his plentiful supply of drink tickets and prime corner-table location. Why not snap a few photos for the local nightlife website for which his buddy is the "professional" photographer? Maybe you were encouraged by the fact that after every photo he took, he looked at his digital camera display and said, "Siiiiick. Dude. Seriously. Siiiiiiiiiiiick."

The Homoerotic Setup

source: grmcnastyhouse

You innocently pass out next to your friend after a night of hard drinking, only to awake to find that your other buddies placed you in a position that makes it appear that you were about to have sexual intercourse with one another! Real clever guys.

The Regrettable Flash

source: dale5446

Alcohol has a certain effect on women which makes them feel kinda sexy. And when they feel sexy, they don't want to just bundle that all up inside and save it for themselves, they want to show the world. This feeling does not discriminate based on age, race, weight or level of attractiveness, it is pure and universal. Which is fun for the rest of us, but not so fun for the woman who wakes to learn she showed us almost all of her less-than-prime real estate the night before.

The Public Pass-Out

source: ZenzenOK

The working world is harder than you might think. And when you finish work for the day, you deserve a drink. Hell, depending on how hard you worked, you may deserve 14 drinks. And you also deserve to wake up in the middle of a kickball game or a drug deal depending on how close you got to home before passing out in a random park bench in the middle of the city.

The Douche Hands

source: skellum

What are we trying to say here guys? If the guy second from the left is Hawaiian and is giving the "shaka bra" sign, then is the guy in the black hoody giving the "shocker bro" sign? Does anyone want to place bets on whether the guy in the white cap is trying to grow a coke nail or if it is simply a product of neglect?

The Attention Whore Make-Out

source: dale5446

This is what happens when you don't give girls the attention they think they deserve. They will go over the top of you, grope themselves and switch sexual orientation to make the point that you better start paying fucking attention.

The One-Time Drag Queen

source: visnup

It seemed like a funny idea to start off, but then once you got all dolled up, things started to get a little bit weird. You either had to act the part constantly, or you were just an awkward dude in female clothing with balloons for breasts. Also, you noticed that one of your buddies was having a bit more fun with it than the rest of you. I think the full level of the situation's humor is reached when you stumble upon the pictures a few years later when going through some boxes with your new girlfriend, and realize that you probably should have just dressed as a pirate.

The Incriminator

source: mattymatt

This is one of those situations where you are having a bit too much fun, and you are not very aware of your surroundings. Some cocktails, a bit of blow, a camera? All good things. Hopefully you realize the possible ramifications of the combination before you post this photo of yourself with a gram between your elbows on your Facebook profile. With a timestamp on this baby, your boss could have a pretty good idea why you called in sick on Thursday with a "sinus infection."

Also, this is what Jason Schwartzman would look like if he were a member of Fall Out Boy.

The Raptor Hands

source: baileygaither

There is a distinct possibility of being eaten by a person who has become inebriated to the point that some collective unconscious remnant of t-rex DNA that had somehow made its way into the human gene pool takes over. It is great to see others in this condition, because you know that they can easily be tipped over, usually without much resistance, and it is very difficult for them to strike you if they get up due to the shorter reach.

The Proud Pounders

source: J-Bear

The secret is out we know what you two have been up to for the past 4 days. It may seem like a good idea at the time to build a structure that adequately displays how badass your drinking feat was to people who were not present to witness the glory, but then when someone actually sees it, you actually feel pretty embarassed that this is what your life has become. You can see the shame on their faces.