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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Joe the Plumber's new Business

( -- Samuel Wurzelbacher, aka Joe the Plumber, shot to national attention last month on his desire to run a small business. Now, it looks like he has one: Managing his image.

Joe has signed on with The Press Office, a Nashville PR agency, to sort through "hundreds of requests" for media appearances. The aspiring entrepreneur "is getting more requests than an artist with a number-one record," said Jim Della Croce, owner of The Press Office.

The Press Office typically deals with publicity for musicians. It landed Joe after he appeared on Fox with one of the agency's other clients, country singer Aaron Tippin, the artist behind Republican rally staple "Drill Here, Drill Now." So is a musical future in store for Toledo, Ohio's most famous plumber?

That's still to be decided. Jim Della Croce is coy about Joe's plans, and no endorsement deals have yet been signed. One possible project: A book about Joe's sudden rise to fame. Della Croce says he'll be meeting with Joe at the end of the week to sort through project proposals and media requests.

By then, the presidential candidate that made Joe a household name, John McCain, will either be headed to the White House or headed back to Arizona to nurse his political wounds. Can Joe's celebrity outlast the election?

Della Croce is bullish on his prospects. "Joe will go down in history," he said. "He's charismatic and direct and represents hope and hard work." If Joe can cash in on his newfound fame in time, he may finally get to experience those upper tax brackets he famously criticized. To top of page