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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

2011 Boxster Base Engine could be Turbo 4

Fresh rumors out of Stuttgart are hinting that, for the first time in over 30 years, a Porsche may feature a horizontally-opposed four-cylinder engine rather than a six-cylinder unit. Insiders at Porsche are saying that the 2011 Boxster line-up may include a base model that's powered by a flat-four powerplant rather than a flat-six, a first for the Boxster model.

Little is known about this rumored boxer-four, but it's expected to be turbocharged, producing roughly 200 hp. The car will also be significantly lighter than the current Boxster and company insiders tell Autocar that it will be "the most economical Porsche ever." The company's current economy leaders are the Cayman and Boxster equipped with the entry-level 2.7L flat-six. Porsche fans will note that while the rumored flat-four would be the first of its kind in a Porsche since the 1976 912E, it's not the most recent four-banger the company has used. That distinction is held by the 944, which used an inline four-cylinder engine until its end in 1991.

Source: Autocar