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Friday, October 24, 2008

Samsung Demonstrates World’s First Carbon-Nanotube Based Display

Samsung unveiled the world’s first carbon nanotube color active matrix electrophoretic display (EPD) e-paper recently at a conference in Korea. The 14.3 inch e-paper display is the product of a partnership between Samsung and Unidym, the company that developed the carbon nanotubes used by the device.

The display has a variety of advantages over traditional flat panels. Since the EPD doesn’t require backlighting, it uses minimal energy and is visible under direct sunlight. Additionally, the image on the display is retained without the need to constantly refresh.

The EPD isn’t just limited to e-paper devices— it’s also a low-energy display option for cell phones and other mobile devices. And a display that promises superior lighting combined with battery conservation is sure to be embraced by technophiles everywhere.