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Friday, October 24, 2008

Bloodhound SSC shooting for 1000mph Land Speed Record

Bloodhound SSC Targeting 1000 mph Land Speed Record

No, this isn't a Dyson vacuum that's been knocked over and fitted with a rocket engine. Instead, you're looking at the Bloodhound SSC, the latest vehicle to chase the land speed record.

Bloodhound SSC Rear View

As could be expected, it's certainly an ungainly thing - the rocket-shaped vehicle measures 12.8 meters long and weighs 6400 kg - but it may be more unusual than we anticipated. Though details are a bit sketchy, the press release mentions the Bloodhound SSC is powered by an "exotic combination" of jet, rocket, and piston-engine power. Now that's a hybrid...

From what we understand, the rocket's charged mainly with propelling the car to high speeds. Though it's good for that, it's unable to hold selected speeds, hence the addition of a Eurojet EJ200 jet engine kicks in. The piston engine? We hear the 800-hp V-12 engine serves mostly as an auxiliary power source and a fuel pump.

More unusual is the staggered approach to breaking the 1000-mph record. Piloted by Andy Green and Richard Noble - both land-speed record veterans themselves - the Bloodhound's debut in 2009 will aim only for 800 mph. The team plans on breaking the 900-mph mark in 2010, and the cherished 1000 mph in 2011.

Source: Bloodhound SSC