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Friday, October 24, 2008

8 Extraordinary Laptops

1. The Crazy Outdoor Laptop:
Manufactured by Beltronic Industrial Technology, the Bit-RNB M230 exceeds not only industry specifications, but military specs as well, boasting praise from Navy Seals and Black-Ops alike. Built to survive, this laptop is tested and proven to work in a variety of extreme conditions including operating at temperatures between -20°C to +55°C, as well as working at altitudes of over 4500 meters. Pretty tough stuff.

Cost: $4,350

2. The Really Tiny Laptop:
The Asus Eee PC, so named because the Es stand for "Easy to learn, Easy to work, Easy to play". It's a pity they didn't call it the "Eeee", as I'm sure the fourth E would mean "Easy to hate". Having seen the laptop in action, it's small to the point of being irritating, it runs Linux of all things and it has all the processing power of a small African beetle. However, it is functional, conveniently-sized for those of you that like really small things and this is reflected in the fortunately-small price-tag.

Cost: Around $500 depending on model.

3. The Gold/Diamond Laptop (or any other piece of hardware):
Professional customizers Computer Choppers can alter a whole host of items to make them look more awesome, or even order them for you. Recently, they've done THIS to an Apple MacBook Pro. What they've done is taken the normal laptop, and plated it with 24kt gold and made it so the Apple logo is filled with diamonds. How decadent! The company have even done a package that includes the laptop, customization and a whole host of added peripherals.

Cost: $8000

4. The Pleasingly Retro Laptop:
Curiously fashioned from an Atari 800 console by one Mr. Benjamin J Heckendorn, this is essentially a laptop stuffed full of creamy retro goodness. With such delightful features as a keyboard, player controls, a TFT screen, a cursor control knob (of which he is particularly proud) and just general awesomeness. Check out the making of!

Cost: The pain of taking apart your childhood and hoping you don't mess up.

5. The Steampunk Laptop:
This laptop practically oozes style and awesome. Made by some Japanese fellow and weighing in at around 10kg, this is one laptop with style you can't mess with. It has typewriter keys, a spacebar made from wood and a Morse code key (the tappy part of the Morse code machine) over the trackball. Seeing this, you can't help but be reminded of Rapture, for all you Bioshock fans.

Cost: Look Mr. Bubbles, an angel...I mean...An awesome laptop!

6. The Obligatory "Expensive only because it has Gemstones on it" Laptop:
The Tulip E-Go Diamond warrants its hefty price-tag because it's inlaid with "solid palladium white gold" and the thousands of tiny diamonds (totaling 80 carats in weight) all over it, not to mention the rubies used in the Tulip logos. As you can see from the system spec on the webpage, it's of passable laptop quality. But honestly, you're not going to be buying one of these to show your friends just how badly it fails at running Crysis, are you? You're buying it because it looks like a handbag, right?

Cost: $380,000 and your self-respect.

7. The Clockwork, Old-Style Laptop:
Another work of sheer steampunk brilliance by the wonderful Datamancer. It features an elaborate glass and wooden casing, resplendent with complicated, leather wrist pads and it turns on by using a wind-up key, amongst other things. The laptop itself is a fully-functional Hewlett-Packard ZT1000 that runs Windows XP and that silly Linux thing.

Cost: Time.

8. The Million Dollar Laptop:
Cliche the title may be, but that is actually the price of luxury-fetishists Luvaglio's outrageous offering. It's so exclusive that you first of all need to be invited by the CEO of Luvaglio to be able to access their website in order to even think about spending the $1,000,000 to purchase it. Details on the laptop spec remain scarce, but it apparently boasts a "self-cleaning display screen" and the Power button comes in the form of a very rare diamond, without which the laptop cannot function, thereby acting as some sort of hilariously expensive anti-theft device that you'll kill yourself if you misplace.

Cost: Too much.