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Monday, September 22, 2008

Premiere episode of Top Gear

The First Top Gear

Today Top Gear is recognized as an international phenomenon. But back in 2002 it was just a failed road test program and Jeremy Clarkson was out of a job. That is, he was unemployed, until he reinvented Top Gear in light of his own irreverent personality and sold the BBC on bringing it back. This is the first episode of the reinvented Top Gear, as seen on British TV just about six years ago.

Note how they don't seem be able to attract much of a studio audience to the show's new home base. Note that James May is missing in action and the Stig isn't the Stig yet. And that guy who isn't James May is Jason Dawe, another British car writer who somehow blew this opportunity and has sunk back down into obscurity.

While the basic building blocks for Top Gear as we know it today are in this episode, it's not yet a fully formed creature. So think of this as a history lesson...the launch of a legend. And if you don't believe that, just ask Jeremy Clarkson about how legendary he is.