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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Lindsay Lohan - Labor Pains (2009)

Lindsay Lohan

Finally, the day nobody has been waiting for, the debut of the trailer for the Lindsay Lohan movie, "Labor Pains". In it, Lindsay plays a girl who pretends to be pregnant so she can keep her job. The plot seems contrived, but keep in mind that Lindsay is a woman, and Hollywood has taught us that women are only worthy of their own movie when they’re pregnant (barren also works) or on the prowl to get a man. A woman can play professional basketball or catch a killer, but only if they’re actually a man dressed as a woman. Because in movies, as in life, men as woman are superior to women as women in every way. Don't believe me? Ever seen Tina Fey?

Lohan-ronson lindsay-lohan-samantha-ronson-labor-pains-01Lohan-ronson lindsay-lohan-samantha-ronson-labor-pains-02Lohan-ronson lindsay-lohan-samantha-ronson-labor-pains-03Lohan-ronson lindsay-lohan-samantha-ronson-labor-pains-04
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Lohan-ronson lindsay-lohan-samantha-ronson-labor-pains-14Lohan-ronson lindsay-lohan-samantha-ronson-labor-pains-05Lohan-ronson lindsay-lohan-samantha-ronson-labor-pains-11