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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Japan only Nismo GT-R

TOKYO — Nismo, Nissan's official motorsports division, has unveiled its first tuning treatment for the R35 GT-R called the Club Sport Package.

Focused mainly on cutting weight and tightening up handling, the package comes with race-ready Bilstein adjustable dampers, stiffer front and rear springs and 20-inch forged Rays aluminum wheels wrapped in Bridgestone RE070R run-flat tires.

Other mods include a new lightweight axle-back exhaust that sheds 11 pounds from the curb weight and a drag-reducing carbon-fiber undertray. The seats are upgraded to carbon fiber leather-trimmed Recaros, which keep the side airbags and get rid of electronic adjustments to save another 13 pounds.

Parts can be purchased individually, or the complete package is priced at the equivalent of $50,560. It is currently only available in Japan.

Nismo's Club Sport Package should keep Japanese fans satisfied until the GT-R V Spec hits the streets next year.

What this means to you: Should be the first of many such GT-R packages to come.