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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Audi A7 Prototype Crashes at the Nurburgring

NüRBURG, Germany — An Audi mule, believed to be a prototype of the upcoming Audi A7, crashed outside the Nürburgring here — giving the curious a good hard look at the German automaker's Mercedes-Benz CLS fighter.

A spy photographer was able to chronicle the car's mishap. The prototype was not wearing Audi's trademark full-cover camouflage, thus allowing the details of the car to be fully on view. The mule was unceremoniously loaded onto a flatbed truck and carted away. The driver was said to be unhurt.

The Audi A7 is expected to make its debut at the 2009 Frankfurt Auto Show. The A7 is a midsize four-door coupe that is bound for release in 2010. A convertible version is said to be in the pipeline.

What this means to you: A crashed Audi prototype cannot outrun a spy photographer, which is a good thing for the curious.