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Monday, October 10, 2011

Derek Zoolander Makes Triumphant Return on SNL


Ben Stiller hosted last night’s episode of SNL, and while he didn’t quite bring the game that Alec Baldwin and Melissa McCarthy did in weeks past, he did bring an old friend: Derek Zoolander. Stiller revived the titular male model from the 2001 comedy during Weekend Update, where Bill Hader’s Stefon claimed him as a date. Hope you’re prepared to handle Derek’s “cold coffee” face on this pleasant Sunday morning.

Several notes:

1) Derek Zoolander is looking an awful lot like Gene Rayburn these days.

2) I still want to see Tower Heist in spite of this somewhat prosaic performance.

3) I think we might be at the end of Stefon’s hot streak on SNL. He’s been a great character and Hader has played him to the hilt, but I need Stefon to die an honorable death before he gets his own, terribly half-baked movie. I do not need to see Stefon Saves His Club Family.