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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Star Wars Cardboard Millennium Falcon

Creativity, designs and art work involve use of the computer in some or the other form. In this scenario there still exists a group of artists who love handcrafting objects. The sheer joy of seeing something take shape right before ones eyes is immeasurable. One such artist is Matheson Harris. He describes himself as a father, husband, surgeon and photographer with no mention of artist. But if you happen to see his cardboard Star Wars collection you would take him to be an excellent artist.

The cardboard collection of Star Wars was created by Harris a couple of months ago. His Star Wars fleet consists of the Millennium Falcon, AT-AT, the Star Destroyer and the Tie Fighter. Amazingly handcrafted each piece bears a striking resemblance to the original ones that you would have seen in the movies.

Cardboard Star Wars Space Ships 1 Star Wars Cardboard Millennium Falcon

When the computer had not invaded every home one could see more examples of such creativity flowing in from all corners. Children and grown ups both found out varied ways to occupy themselves and in this process exercised their grey cells to a great extent. Day-to-day objects were transformed and given a new identity. This exercise led to the creation of fantastic objects and ideas. Now with every other person glued to the television or the computer handcrafted objects are becoming a rarity. Forget making use of small insignificant objects.

Cardboard Star Wars Space Ships 2 Star Wars Cardboard Millennium Falcon

The Star Wars fleet created by Harris is an amazing example of handwork. If you take a look at them you will realize that the entire project is free of any fancy object. The main article used in the making of these starships is cardboard, a very inexpensive and easy to find product. Apart from this the list includes hot glue, sharpie, a couple of sucker sticks, and ping pong balls. Put all these items together and you end up getting an entire range of the Star Wars armada.

What is extraordinary about this project is not only the simplicity it bears with it but the fact that one can see a great degree of excellence in this simplicity. Every little bit is well crafted. Look at the measurement of every piece, its proportion with relation to the others and the finesse with which the whole thing has been put together. All that one can see here is excellence in every area.

Projects involving fancy objects do catch one’s attention. Designs and objects created using the computer have a very different look but the ones created by hand are unique in themselves. And to top it all if it is made of very simple objects the value increases by leaps and bounds.

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