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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The sickest soccer juggling skills [VID]



This young kid from Alexandria, Egypt, who goes by the name of Disha, is an absolute genius with a football. Check it out!

HE HAS SOME INCREDIBLE MOVES, and some of his groundwork looks like a weird cross between Brazilian Ju-Jitsu, football, and contact juggling.

The video is just shy of four-and-a-half minutes, and it’s well worth watching the whole thing, as it gets better and better. Make sure not to miss:

  • 0.46 – contact juggling using his head, outside the Alexandria Library

  • 1.00 – yogic football balancing

  • 1.58 – on a tank… yes, a tank

  • 3.11 – some shin-up action

  • 3.44 – stomach-ups (parental advisory only)

Make sure you check out his Facebook page, too.