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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Izon Spy Camera Streams Video to iOS Devices

Monitor the baby, or make a celebrity-style sex tape. You decide. Photo credit Stem Innovation
Izon is a “remote room monitor” which beams video across the Internet and onto the screen of your iPad, iPhone or iPod. It might also be described by a more cynical person than myself as a kind of lifestyle spy camera.

The Izon is a white plastic stick which swivels on its dome-shaped magnetic base to be easily pointed at whatever you want to spy on. Then, when away from home or office, you can dial in via a companion app and enjoy a live stream of whatever is going on. You could check in on your baby whilst away on a trip, for example, or watch impotently from afar as burglars empty your house and smear their feces across its walls before they finally steal the Izon too, and its high-quality video stream blinks out.

Once connected to your home Wi-Fi network, the Izon’s stream can be viewed over Edge, 3G or Wi-Fi, and you can also tell it to keep an eye on a specific part of its field of view using a motion sensor. It can also listen for noises, and will send a push alert to your device when anything is detected.

Only you know whether you want or need such a thing, but if you do, then its nice to know there’s such a user-friendly option out there, and one which costs a reasonable $130. Just one thing: if you do buy one, be careful when you and your lady or gentleman get frisky in the same room: The Izon has a function which will automatically upload video to YouTube.

Izon product page [Stem. Thanks, Matt!]