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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Is there Really Just Gold in Fort Knox?

Posted by: Rocco Penn

Fort Knox Image

As you’ll see below, there’s an awful lot that goes into protecting our nation’s gold. Considering that it’s current value is around $270 billion, some speculate that there’s more than just gold inside. Some say there are…

  • Weapons and Defense Items: In case of nuclear or zombie attack (or both) there is no safer place in the world. Could there be secret weapons and a way to get the President and other important people down there in case DC is compromised?
  • Aliens: Whenever tinfoil hats come out, aliens have to be in the picture.
  • Lies: What if we already sold off all of our gold? The vault would be the perfect way to keep our economy from collapsing despite the lack of a gold standard.

Whatever you believe, one thing is certain: you’d have an easier time getting into the White House than you would getting into Fort Knox (and don’t try to get into the White House – it’s dangerous over there).

This infographic by CreditSesame breaks down the facts and speculations nicely. Click to enlarge.

Fort Knox