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Friday, August 5, 2011

These bras promise to boost your bust... but which is breast?

FAKING a killer cleavage has just got easier - thanks to a new bra.

Debenhams Triple Boost bra promises to make boobs look up to THREE times bigger without going under the knife.

Rosanne Ferraccu ... in normal B-cup bra
Rosanne Ferraccu ... in normal B-cup bra

Sharon Webb, the store's lingerie boss, says: "The market has shown people want to enhance their bust - but without the wait, cost or pain of surgery."

So how does the boob-job-in-a-bra compare to other High Street bust-boosting offerings?

Here, model Rosanne Ferraccu, 20, seen above in her normal B-cup bra, tells MELISSA SHEDDEN which she thinks is the breast in class, with ratings out of five.

Triple Boost, £22, Debenhams (available in sizes 30A-38DD)

Triple Boost, £22, Debenhams (available in sizes 30A-38DD)

The claim: Gives the biggest cleavage enhancement on the High Street.

Rosanne: "I feel like I could knock someone out with these.

"I can't help but feel sexy - my boobs look massive!

"The design is really clever as well because it feels like it's making the most of what I've got."

Cleavometer: 4

Maximise Your Assets, £6, Primark (32A-36D)

Maximise Your Assets, £6, Primark (32A-36D)

The claim: Boosts your cleavage by up to two cup sizes, thanks to foam pads that shape around what nature provided.

Rosanne: "This is the most comfortable of the foam bras and it does what it says - it is maximising my boob size.

"It's good value but the quality isn't great."

Cleavometer: 3.5

Triple Gel, £25, La Senza (32A-38DD)

Triple Gel, £25, La Senza (32A-38DD)

The claim: This multi-way foam and gel bra will boost your assets by up to two cup sizes.

Rosanne: "This bra is the heaviest of the lot but it does sit snugly.

"You could never wear it with a boyfriend, though. I'd be worried that when I took it off half my boobs would be gone!"

Cleavometer: 4.5

Full Effect, £30.50, (32A-38D)

THE WNNER: Full Effect, £30.50, (32A-38D)

The claim: A mix of air, gel and foam designed to enhance bust by up to two cup sizes. It is the lightest too, weighing in at only 80g.

Rosanne: "The original and definitely the best. The Wonderbra style is lower cut, showing more of my boobs.

"I feel super sexy but a little on edge that I might pop out."

Cleavometer: 5

2 Sizes Bigger Push-Up bra, £20, M&S (32AA-38C)

2 Sizes Bigger Push-Up bra, £20, M&S (32AA-38C)

The claim: Will add two cup sizes to your natural cleavage thanks to super light foam, coming in at half the weight of traditional gel pads

Rosanne: "This bra is perfect for girls with big boob envy.

"With all the padding, though, I could never wear this on a date. I'd feel like I was cheating the guy.

"It feels like I've got two pillows under my top but I'm definitely looking like a D cup now."

Cleavometer: 4


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