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Friday, August 19, 2011

Skype Introduces Skype Wi-Fi:Now Pay for Wi-Fi on per Minute Usage at One Million Hotspots


Skype has just launched its Skype Wi-Fi, a free iOS app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch that permits users to use more than one million paid Wi-Fi hotspots across the globe and users can pay for them via Skype Wi-Fi Access.

Unlike hotspot app Boingo which powers Skype’s mobile Wi-Fi service, which need a day or a monthly plan, Skype Wi-Fi charges Wi-Fi customers on per minute basis. Usage charges begin at $0.06 per minute, but you may be charged slightly more depending on the service provider. This service has formerly been accessible for laptops under the tag “Skype Access”.

Here’s how it works: Let’s assume that you are in Washington DC, USA and you have got your AT&T iPhone with you. You have got data roaming turned off because you don’t desire to get a mammoth bill, but you are at a railway station that proffers a Wi-Fi hotspot. However, the Wi-Fi hotspot will cost you. Maybe you don’t feel like entering your credit card details in on the spot for safety reasons, or maybe the directions for how to pay are in a language which you don’t understand, or maybe the hotspot pressurizes you to subscribe a day’s access for $20. You can bypass all of these limitations with Skype Wi-Fi.

Why would someone desire to compensate for Internet if they are having mobile phone with a data plan? In an official Skype’s blog post about the fresh innovative skype app, Skype advises it will be obliging for shunning data roaming overseas. We might include that it is enormously functional when your iPhone’s 3G signal is feeble, and you immediately desire to download that one very important mail.

If you discover mobile access to pay-per-minute Wi-Fi attractive, you can try Skype Wi-Fi for free this weekend for 1 hour. We will have to examine it out going ahead and see if it is a great a solution as it appears.