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Friday, August 19, 2011

The fastest radio-controlled airplane you’ve ever seen [VID]


Uploaded by on Aug 22, 2009
Radio controlled jet powered by a Jetcat P160 SE.
On the 23rd of May, this Jet has been lasered @ 586 KpH
Which makes it a 366 MpH plane...

It’s actually more of a JET than an airplane. How does he even maintain control of this thing?!

BACK IN THE DAY we all used to play with RC cars. This was the old school: the classic models were the Frog, the Hornet, and the Grasshopper. Like everything else, there’s been some crazy progression with RC over the last several years, like the mini-rockcrawler competitions.

I’ve never seen anything like this though: according to the YouTube page, this remote-controlled airplane (a Jetcat P160 SE powered scout) is traveling at 586 km/h (366 mph). The RC jet’s designer, Hans Litjens, says in this forum post that the takeoff weight of the plane is 6.5 kg and that the turbine in the above video is not at its maximum RPM. It takes 2L of kerosene which is stored in the wings.

I wonder if I can request a camera to be installed in the nose of that. I would love to see the view from the ride.