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Friday, August 26, 2011

Reporter Asks Soccer Player to Autograph Her Bare Ass, Is Turned Down (Video)



Well, I guess we’ve got another sideline correspondent to add to our list of sexy international sports reporters. While we’re at it, we should probably also add her to our list of sexy Latin American sports babes.
The only problem? I can’t seem to figure out what her name is.

Ah, who cares. Like Shakespeare said, what’s in a name?

The point is this: at end of this sexy reporter’s interview with (now former) CD Saprissa player Wilson Munoz on the field at a Costa Rican soccer game, she asks him for an autograph. Then she hands him a pen, unzips her pants, pulls them down, and points her thong-clad rear end at the guy. Flabbergasted, he politely declines, gives her a peck on the cheek (the one on her face), and bids her farewell.

Of course, after Munoz leaves, the sexy reporter becomes the story, and is immediately interviewed by other reporters. I don’t speak spanish, but from what I can tell, she generously offers to reenact the entire encounter.

So now the ethical question of the day. Wilson Munoz: gentleman or idiot?
Hat Tip – [Off the Bench]