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Thursday, August 4, 2011

10 Breweries With Brilliant Beer Packaging

We hate to admit it, but we've all been known to judge a beer by its label. (Well, hipsters more so. Do you really think they chug PBR because it's delicious?)

With a dizzying kaleidoscope of beer bottles and on today's shelves, standout packaging is more important than ever. Here are 10 brands and breweries that have teamed up with the right designers to create products that beg to be seen.

10. Bard's Beer
Hunt Adkins
Packaging by ​Hunt Adkins
The niftiest thing about Bard's Beer bottles aren't the labels, as simple and sleek as they are, but the bottle caps, which are printed with weird questions that are perfect for pondering and discussing over a beer. Would most ninjas also excel at dancing? What kind of sweater would Genghis Khan have worn? Can ducks laugh? New York-based Bard's, by the way, makes America's first gluten-free sorghum beer.

9. Red Brick
Packaging by 22Squared
Love the charming, down-home labels and carriers of Red Brick, a craft beer made by Atlanta Brewing Company. The description of its Dog Days Ale is, "Like jumping into a swimming hole lips first." Thirsty yet?

8. Hell Yeah Beer
Dirk Behlau for Hell Yeah Beer
​You would just feel hardcore while drinking this beer. Its ingredients: "water, hops, malt and rock ´n´ roll."
7. Grimm Brothers Brewhouse
Packaging by Tenfold Collective
Damsels aren't so distressed in these goth-inspired labels for the Colorado-based brewery.

6. The Bruery
​OC's The Bruery makes some of the classiest, eye-catching, most elegant labels out there.

5. Pembroke Craft Brewery
Packaging by Gary Head
Okay, this just appeals to the girl in me. You can reuse the bottles as flower vases!

4. Left Hand Brewing Company

These intricate illustrations could be collector's items. Each tells a trippy story.
3. Rush River Brewing Co.
Oh Beautiful Beer
​Packaging by Westwerk Design
Again . . . so pretty!
2. Great Divide Brewing Co.
Always bold, distinctive and statement-making.

1. 21st Amendment Brewery
​Heads will turn the moment you pop the top on these iconic cans.