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Thursday, July 28, 2011

False Eyelashes Made of Paper Celebrate Wildlife

by Jaymi Heimbuch

paper eyelashes photo
Photos by Paperself, courtesy of NoneSuchThings

The things we do for fashion can be extraordinary, and often damaging to the environment and our health. But for once here is an interesting fashion statement that promotes the environment, rather than harms it.
paper eyelashes photo
Fashion website nonesuchthings has a few designs for eyelash extensions. The site writes:

Inspired by the art of Chinese paper cutting, these delicately pretty and intricately cut paper eyelashes are so utterly exquisite. They come in a really neat little box with a display window and can be reused over and over again and they also make a fabulous and surprising gift and are just plain fun to wear.
paper eyelashes photo
Not only fun to wear, but they have a deeper meaning: "The designs come steeped in Chinese symbolic meaning with "Deer and Butterfly" meaning "free, sensitive and delicate".
paper eyelashes photo
These are certainly better than some eyelash fashion we've seen -- anyone remember those crazy LED eyelashes?
paper eyelashes photo
These nature-centric eyelashes are available to purchase from
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paper eyelashes photo