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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Listen to Zach Galifianakis & Fiona Apple's Lesser-Known NSFW Song "Come Over and Get It (Up in 'Dem Guts)"


Jena Ardell Apple and Galifianakis, BFFs 4eva.​

In 2006, Zach Galifianakis and pal Fiona Apple teamed up to record a catchy, NSFW rap song titled "Come Over and Get It (Up in 'Dem Guts)". The track wasn't released until 2008 on a 7" vinyl to commemorate Chunklet magazine's 20th issue. We've never heard the song before, so we're guessing you haven't either. (But we're sure if you have heard it, you'll prove us wrong in the comment section below).

The song features Apple as 'Clarice', a woman seeking "some of that sweet love" from 'Alan Finger', a character Galifianakis played in the short-lived, documentary style sitcom Dog Bites Man that aired on Comedy Central.

We've been singing the catchy chorus all morning long. Now it's your turn:

Before Zach Galifianakis was a household name, he appeared in Fiona Apple's "Not About Love" music video in 2005. The unlikely duo met at Largo, after Apple had seen Galifianakis in Anita Baker's music video for "You Bring Me Joy", and liked the concept. Apple invited Galifianakis to record a similiar video, shot mostly in Galifianakis's home/bed/car, but never expected it to be released as the official music video.

In the music video for "Not About Love", Galifianakis and Apple walk around Venice, California, while Galifianakis lip-syncs Apple's song and Apple tries not to laugh. If you've forgotten about the snippets in the video where Galifianakis wears unflattering tight clothing while dancing in thigh-high water, we invite you to recall or visualize those scenes right now. [Or watch it here].

Galifianakis also appeared in the second version of Kayne West's "Can't Tell Me Nothing" video with indie rock musician Will Oldham. We feel it's safe to say Galifianakis is the most sought-after lip-syncer in the music industry, second only to *insert whichever pop singer you loathe the most this week*.

[Behind the scenes of "Come Over and Get It (Up in 'Dem Guts)" with Alan Finger].


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