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Friday, April 15, 2011

Be amazed by the drumstick-juggling Adam Gray (Video)

Yesterday, I showed you this video of a dad outsmarting his son the “old fashioned way” as part of our Sports Are Kind of Slow This Week So Let’s Find Fun Non-Sports Stuff to Amuse Ourselves With initiative. You all seemed to enjoy that video, which is cool.

I have a feeling you will greatly enjoy the video below as well. It features a drummer named Adam Gray (Facebook him here) who has achieved moderate Internet fame for, I’m assuming, his ability to perform impressive tricks like what you’re about to see.

Let’s just say that Adam Gray can juggle three drumsticks while maintaining a beat about as well as I can do just about anything. And I’m probably underselling it.

Just watch.

Hopefully you find that as cool as I did. One thing I love about the Internet is its ability to unearth and expose random but impressive talent like this. Well done Adam Gray. MSF salutes you.