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Friday, April 15, 2011

13 Cool Knife Tricks You Wish You Could Do


Here is a collection of some very cool knife tricks performed by people all over the world. If after watching you feel inspired to learn some a knife trick or two of your own, check out our vast collection of Benchmade
which are truly some of the best knives ever made.

1. Benchmade Knife Skills

This guy’s freehand knife work with his Benchmade Knife is unbelievable. Not only is it clean, but the length of the video shows how well he can handle a knife, and how comfortable he is with his Benchmade.

2. Ninja Chef Knife Play – Close Up

A brief but impressive video of this Ninja Chef’s abilities with a blade. The chef here is using a kitchen knife, but any knife with proper weight could be used in it’s place. Notice the finger work used and the obvious experience behind the movements.

3. Ninja Chef Knife Play

A longer version with Ninja Chef, displaying his impressive throwing and juggling ability. Also a pretty cool ‘holster’ for his knives, clearly he takes his knife tricks very seriously!

4. Traditional Finger Knife Trick

We’ve all tried this nifty little trick with a pencil at some point in our educational career, and likely quickly learned that a pencil is as sharp as we want to get! This guy takes things to the next level, his speed and accuracy compliment each other perfectly.

5. Traditional Finger Knife Trick – With Proof

This guy takes the traditional finger trick a few steps farther – not only does he prove the timing with his clock, but he also proves the knife’s sharpness. Oh, and based on the number of beer bottles, he also proves that he’s as good with a few in him as he is sober!

6. The Girl Can Handle a Blade..or Two

As if the one handed tricks weren’t enough, this chef has to go above and beyond with her skills and uses both hands to show that all other hibachi chefs are amateurs!

7. Balisong (Butterfly Knife) Trick -- The Blender

One of many advanced tricks with a butterfly knife, this video and trick are unique because of the skill level involved, and the high quality fast and slow motion looks at the trick.

8. Balisong (Butterfly Knife) -- Advanced Tricks

This guy demonstrates quite a few advanced knife tricks, including ‘Behind the 8 Ball’, ‘Helix’, ‘Aerials’, and ‘Y2K’. Although his form isn’t always perfect, his arsenal of tricks more than makes up for it.

9. Balisong (Butterfly Knife) Tricks -- Cute Girl is Not to Be Messed With

This girl’s impeccable form and talent are apparent in her confidence and determined expression. Her work is clean and obviously well practiced. Not a girl to poke fun at!

10. Double Balison (Butterfly) Knives

This guy takes things a step above by demonstrating ability with not just one, but two butterfly knives. Impressively, he is doing different tricks with the knives at the same time. Talk about right brain/left brain ability!

11. Quick Open Trick

This guy uses an interesting hack to ‘quick open’ a blade. As he disclaims, he cut himself a LOT mastering this trick, this one is better to be watched than tried… A very impressive showing, even at 5% speed.

12. Filipino Knife Demonstration

Although the video appears to be a threat against... well, it appears everyone, the guy’s butterfly knife skills are without parallel. Filipino knife fighting is traditionally using the ‘Balisong’, also known as the butterfly knife. So, their skill is apparent, since they created this type of blade!

13. Filipino Knife Fighting

Not to worry, these are not real blades. But as you can see, the talent possessed by the guys fighting shows that if they were, things would quickly get ugly. Truly and impressive demonstration of skill and fighting tricks.