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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Kaohsiung Marine Gateway Terminal Looks Like A Building From A Tron Movie

Written by Administrator

Building-From-A-Tron-MovieWe’ve seen all sorts of that stand out with their unique design, but I have to admit that we never saw something like this. This building is completely futuristic, therefore, we decided to show it to you.

So what is this amazing building? It’s the Kaohsiung Marine Gateway Terminal and it is being designed by Asymptote Architecture and Artech Architects. One thing that we should mention about this building is that it looks like it came from a latest Tron movie. Kaohsiung Marine Gateway Terminal consists of two elegant towers and element hall that is placed between them. Amazing thing about these towers is that both of them are connected by blue lines of light, so they look like they belong in a Tron movie. As for the hall, it completely white with aluminum or metal pillars that hold the entire structure.

Kaohsiung Marine Gateway Terminal looks like it came from the future, and we’re positive that it will become a part of a future someday.