We're the first to admit that we like to throw around the word "awesome" quite a lot around here, but we think we've found something that truly inspires (shock and) awe. Published over the weekend at Robot 6 as part of the site's ongoing "Shelf Porn" feature, the Superman collection of Jason George is so enormous and even imposing, we're almost at a loss as to how to describe it, with the first reaction being to kneel.

A lifelong Superman fan who started collecting in earnest around 1990, Jason George is someone whose cape you definitely don't want to tug. Containing virtually every form of Superman merchandise except comic books (those are in a room of their own!), George's collection is heavy on statues, toys, cookie jars and other three-dimensional representations of the Man of Steel. It's hard to know for sure, but it appears that George is in possession of every Superman statue created by DC Direct and the much missed Warner Bros. Studio store, as well as a couple that pre-date those institutions, such as the highly coveted Dan Jurgens-designed statue seen on Jerry's in Seinfeld (which I am all too happy to brag about owning myself).

Most intriguingly, George has amassed what must be an unrivaled assortment of Superman watches, which he told Robot 6 was his favorite part of the collection.

I have over 150 superman watches. Over 15 clocks. I also like the four WETA statues that I have although I am afraid to move them because they are so big, heavy and fragile. If I did this all over again the only thing I would change is buying every single superman and superman villain action figure, they take up a lot of space. I have boxes of them in the attic not on display. Another piece that I like is the life size bust I have of Brandon Routh, I wanted to get the full size statue but didn't have the room. I won the superman guitar at a six flags park. I have a part of the room dedicated to just any movie, cartoon or TV show DVD and put them on in my superman DVD player TV. The room itself is yellow with red shelves. The ceiling is blue and has a fan in that has the planet earth. The blades have superman flying around it.

There's obviously an easy path to mockery here, but the truth is you would have done this if you could. And besides, nearly all of Mr. George's collection is displayed proudly out-of-box, which earns the man major points in my book. Tragically, George wrote that he will have to box up the collection to make room for the baby his wife will be delivering imminently --- which of course we think is total bullsh*t. For Rao's sake, man, get your priorities straight. Also, insure that collection immediately.

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