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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Playboy iPad ‘Uncensored’ App Arriving this March; Hugh Hefner Tweets So!

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By Sanjeev Ramachandran
Apple iPad users, you are in for something exciting! Though this might sound a bit bizarre, we have reasons to believe it is happening.  Playboy founder Hugh Hefner seems to be bent on popularizing his way of celebrating the female body on to the Apple iPad too, with a new explicit Playboy app in the works.

Playboy iPad Uncensored App Arriving this March; Hugh Hefner Tweets So!

We just wonder if Apple is fully okay with Hefner’s plan. The Playboy boss has tweeted that an “uncensored” Playboy iPad app is coming in March. Playboy had earlier launched its iPhone app back in 2009, but wasn’t explicit.

All the iPhone app had been  offering are some sexy lingerie shots and interview excerpts. The iPad app will see women strip down for a fuller view!

Apple already has in place some extremely stringent rules when it comes to nudity. However, the Hefner tweet makes us think Apple is loosening up a bit.

Going by what Hefner says, old and new Playboy editions will be available on iPad with no cuts whatsoever. The thought of uncut Playboy versions waiting to arrive on our iPads by way of the new app makes us go wild in anticipation. May be this is what Hefner too is aiming at.

It is also being said that Hefner might be trying to make the most of Steve Jobs’ absence. As you already know, the Apple boss is on medical leave.

Even as we continue to stay excited over the possibility of uncensored playboy versions on our iPads, we would also want to know if Hefner just teasing Apple or does he really mean to bring in the app in March?