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Monday, December 13, 2010

The Pneumatic Cannon Prank

by Luke McKinney

When a co-worker at Swedish company SeQuant was away for a day, his friends were:

a) Super-smart scientists

b) Equipped with a full lab and workshop

c) Just as sick of cubicle pranks as you are

So instead of returning to a desk wrapped in tin foil, the unfortunate target opened the door instead to a world of pain.


For those calling "fake!", SeQuant is a real chromatographic company (recently acquired by mega-pharmacorporation Merck), and if the phrase wasn't a contradiction, we'd call them retardedly smart. Even their tagline is "Poor separation of polar compounds?", giving the impression "Yes, we will help you, but only if you have a Ph.D."

Their ads contain more advanced chemistry than your brain

The real power of the pranksters is shown in the long video (below), where we're convinced by details like

a) The time-lapse which shows them fiddling and rebuilding bits, instead of just magically making it right the first time

b) The lunatics tested it on themselves, not so much because of "safety" but because it was "awesome"

c) These guys used their welding gear to finiShakespeare during a musical montage, thus becoming even more brilliant by adding the elusive "If the A-Team were pulling a prank" factor.

This'll show those drug dealers hassling that youth center!

Enjoy the whole thing:


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