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Monday, December 6, 2010

Guinness Helps Feisty Lady Keep Going Strong at 107

By Heather Muse

Washington, D.C., resident Betsy Stanford turned 107 years young on Tuesday and tells The Washington Post her secret to longevity: a cocktail consisting of Ensure, a drop of vanilla, nutmeg and ... Guinness. "I drink stout. It's good for you, baby!" she told the paper.

But it's not just a tipple that Stanford enjoys. She also follows an "everything bad is good for you" approach to food, reportedly chowing down on anything she wants, which she says she's been doing since she was 45. For the mathematically challenged, that's since 1948.

This lady has lived through two World Wars. We think she deserves a shake, steak and whatever the hell else she wants. Other tips she has for living a long life? Early to bed, early to rise, playing Scrabble and doing crossword puzzles.

We're most definitely going to call a Guinness/Ensure milkshake a "Betsy" from now on, and Ms. Betsy Stanford is most certainly an honorary Lemondropper.