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Monday, November 1, 2010

Ten Most Ridiculously Expensive Tron Products

Quorra Couture Platform Sandal designed by Jerome C. Rousseau retailing for $795

​Yesterday, the Hollywood Reporter revealed that Disney was launching a high-end accessory and shoe line inspired by Tron: Legacy.

While every ultra-hyped Disney movie release goes hand-in-hand with an avalanche of merchandise, Tron's is pretty over the top.

The shoe and accessory line, for example, has Disney partnering with designers Jerome C. Rousseau, Hayden-Harnett, Robin Rotenier and TomTom. Their products will be on sale at the "Tron" Pop-Up Shop opening next month in LA before Tron: Legacy's Dec. 17 release date.

The clincher? Canadian-born designer Rousseau designed a pair of five-inch metallic platforms inspired by the female lead, Quorra. The price tag? $795.

And that's not the most expensive item on the list, which include cuff links, PS3 controllers, motorcycle outfits, sunglasses and board shorts. Who would buy any of this?

After the jump, check out our list of the most ridiculously priced Tron merchandise.
10. TRON Lightcycle Cufflinks, $345
The press release says "these sterling silver Rotenier Lightcycle Cufflinks are a subtle way to show your fondness for TRON during work or play."
9. TRON iPod Dock by Monster, $249
Inspired by the TRON data disk, it's an iPod/iPhone data dock

8. TRON Mouse by Razer, $99
Sure it's an ergonomic, 5600dpi high resolution gaming mouse, and it looks cool. But $99?

7. TRON Gaming Headphones, $349.99
The Disney/Monster TRON headphones feature noise-cancellation, high quality Dolby audio and ControlTalk™ for hands-free voice calling with iPhones and other media phones. The headphones include a DSP for connection to gaming consoles.

6. TRON Pit Boss Glasses from Oakley, $750
To be fair, the Pit Boss Glasses plus the backpack seem like a deal when you consider that these alone are $750

5. Oakley TRON Hardshell Backpack and Pit Boss Eyewear, $925
The TRON hardshell black backpack and TRON Pit Boss glasses polished black w/black iridium may be a combo; it could also be called "rent"
4. Tron: Legacy Snowboard Boot by Burton, $269
Disney/Stuart Ramson
They should call this the BurTRON snowboot--"made to look like something out of the future, yet seen through the eyes of a snowboarder back in 1982 when the first film came out."

3. Tron cuff bracelet, $995
TRON Icon Cuff Bracelett designed by Rotenier, $995. The TRON Icon Cuff Bracelets are sterling silver and feature symbols seen throughout the TRON universe.

2. UDReplicas TRON Women's Motorcycle Suit, $995 for the whole suit
These motorcycle street legal suits featuring CE-approved body amour are replicas of the movie suits seen in TRON: Legacy. The women's suit will be available in the Quorra model and will come with the standard reflective features. The complete set comes with a jacket that has a removable skirt, pant, boots, and gloves.
1. The "Tron" Icon necklace, $2,600, designed by Rotenier
TRON Icon Necklace designed by Rotenier, retailing $2,600. This sterling silver Rotenier necklace features the icon symbol from TRON: Legacy