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Friday, November 5, 2010

How To Respond When Your Ex-Wife Tries To Whack You

by Mr. Mailbox

George Cascone, Epic Murder Plot Man

George Cascone, a used car salesman and antique car collector from Kansas City, woke up with the FBI at his door informing him that his ex-wife was at the center of a plot to murder him and collect a life insurance policy in his name. Later, a crew from KSHB of NBC arrived to interview Mr. Cascone. What would transpire was the greatest event in human history:

Some highlights:
“She is psychotic, crazy, diabolical and evil… I mean Tiger Woods ain’t got nothing on me. She’s smashed up several of my cars.”

She shouldn’t have involved an antique car, it wasn’t part of the affair.

And the ultimate kicker:

“The part that insulted me the most is the fact that she was going to pay the hit man so little money,” he said. “She should’ve taken someone from out of town like Chicago or New York. And she should’ve paid at least $10,000. Two grand is not enough to get that work done. In a sense, you get what you pay for.”

Yes, this guy is pissed because his wife didn’t bother to do adequate research into how to hire a hit-man or pay enough money to get the job done right. I’m thinking Mr. Cascone and Epic Beard Man need to start a show called ‘We Are Mother Fuckers’.

[Via brother site PBH3: How To Respond To Being A Target Of A Murder Plot and NBCActionNews: Target of alleged murder for hire plot talks about ex-wife]