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Friday, November 5, 2010

The Best Gifts for Star Wars Fans


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It's already November, which means it's time start giving some serious thought to holiday gift giving. Over the next few months, Gearlog will be offering up plenty of gift suggestions with roundups tailored to every kind of geek.

What better place to start than with that old favorite: the Star Wars fan? Thirty-three years after the release of A New Hope, the film franchise is still a giant money maker with countless new branded products coming out on a regular basis.

After the jump, check out our top holiday picks from a galaxy far, far away.

USB Hubs, $99


At $99, there are much, much cheaper USB hubs in the world, but none are half as cool as these Star Wars models. The hubs come in R2D2 and Darth Vader varieties, both of which feature "authentic" character movie sounds: beeping and heavy breathing, respectively.

R2D2 Motorola Droid 2, $249


This may well be the hot Star Wars gift of the year--well, at least amongst Verizon subscribers. Motorola finally took proper advantage of its Droid licensing deal with Lucas Arts by souping up the already great Droid 2 with cool Star Wars extras, such as the sweet R2D2 skin and ringtones.

Mimobots, $29.95 to $89.95


Mimibot keeps expanding its ever popular line of Star Wars character thumb drives. This time out, the company is going all Empire by adding Yoda, Hoth Luke, a snowtrooper, and a Wampa. The flash drives range in capacity from 2GB to 16GB and come pre-loaded with wallpaper, screen savers, and other Star Wars goodies--a perfect little stocking stuffer.

Swim Suitts, $85

Star Wars Swimsuits

Want to turn heads at the beach? How about the heads of a very specific subset of geeks? Ladies, Australian designer Jame Lillis has got the swimsuit for you. These suits come in two models--the Darth Vader-esque "Darkside," and the R2-D2 tribute, "Artoo."

RCX4 Star Striker, $399

For $400, you'd hope you'd at least to get the official Lucas Arts seal of approval. Sadly, this "Star Striker" is about as unofficial as it gets. Still, the lightweight, crash-ready RC craft is pretty darn cool.

Science Mini Lightsaber Tech Lab, $14.99

This light saber themed "lab" is the latest addition to Uncle Milton's educational line of Star Wars products. The Science Mini Lightsaber Tech Lab teaches kids principles of optics and light, while letting them build their own mini lightsabers. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

Wampa Rug, $99.99


Those clever kids at Think Geek follow up their hit Tauntaun sleeping bag with another trip to Hoth. This time out, the company has turned the bone chilling Wampa snow monster into a cuddly bear rug. Stretch out in fronf of the fire with one of these things--just make sure that you keep a lightsaber handy in case you've got to lop off an arm or two.