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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Help Tim Burton Write A Story On Twitter


Leader image for Help Tim Burton Write A Story On Twitter

Tim Burton has started a collaborative storytelling project that anyone can contribute to…provided they use only 127 characters and that they are selected. Burton posted the opening to a story about his character Stainboy on Twitter, and starting today, users can post follow-up passages. The best posts will be selected and posted on the twitter feed, culminating in some sort of complete Stainboy short story on December 6th. The adventure begins with mysterious goo…


It seems like Burton could have worked on his syntax a bit more for the opening line of a short story, but you get the idea. Burton first introduced the Stainboy character in a series of Flash animation shorts in 2000.

Thousands of submissions have already appeared on the Burton Story site, but none have been posted to the Twitter account yet. The tweets are split between those responding to Burton’s first post and several probably very stressed-out people who are trying to build a story out of every submission. From what I can tell, that one has something to do with kittens at this point.

[Burton Story via Badass Digest]